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Here are some Questions and Answers which might be useful:

What if I can’t make some of the dates or I am ill?
I will go over course dates on the first day and if the group is small it is sometimes possible to move a date. You can always catch up on the other course. They run side by side so this usually works. If this isn’t an option I will see you for a one to one session but there may be a small fee for this.

Is there an exam at the end of the course?
No exam. There is on-going assessment throughout the course with written assignments which will be spread over the 11 months. You will have to complete three separate practical assessments towards the end of the course where you will be marked on practical application and ability. We do practice runs first so you will know exactly what to expect on the day.

Will I need to find my own people to practice on?
For the practical assessments I will arrange this for you but you do have to find your own volunteers for your case studies.

How many case studies do I have to do?
You will have to complete 100 hours of practical study outside of course attendance. I will explain this in detail on the first day of the course. Your three assessments are included and some practice hours too.

How much written work is involved?
We will go over everything on the first day as a group. It will seem daunting as there is a lot to take in and it will seem like a lot, but don’t be put off. I will email you everything you need after the first day: workbooks, templates etc. and once you get started you will find the course is very well structured and is spread out in manageable portions.  Assignments are set at the beginning of each module and we will talk them through before you attempt any work so I know you fully understand the tasks set. I will also try to give you an indication of how much work is expected for each task. You will need to commit to a few hours each week to keep up to date.

When do I have to hand my work in?
I prefer you to complete all the set work by the next module dates. If there is a shorter time between course dates this is taken into consideration. This isn’t set in stone but if you fall behind work starts to pile up and it is harder to catch up. Once you start your case studies there is much more to do so I do advise you get your work in on time. This usually gives you 5-6 weeks.

How do I hand work in?
Most students email their work to me as they complete it. I have a marking system and the earlier you get it to me the faster it gets marked. It will be marked in date order of it being handed in.

What if I don’t know how to send in my work?
If you know how to use “word” and can send an email I will happily help you with this. Just a bit of practice and you’ll be well away. There is always the option to hand write or print your work, this just take more time when marking and returning your work.

Is there anywhere to buy lunch near the school?
Loads of places in all directions! I supply tea, coffee, water, herbals and biscuits throughout the day.

What shall I wear?
Just be comfortable, you will be sitting for most of the day so nothing too tight. Don’t wear tights as you will need your feet in the afternoon.

What books do I need?
You will need an A&P text and workbook, a reflexology text book too. These are compulsory for the course. I also advise you have a medical dictionary and a drugs book too. We discuss the books on the first day and I will email you prior to the course start date so you can let me know if you want me to order them for you. If not I will send you the information so you can order them and have them in time for the first day.

Do I need to bring anything else?
I will provide you with a folder, pen, pencil and writing pad. Hand outs will be supplied each day you attend. All you need is a strong bag to carry everything home in and something to eat.

Why isn’t there a first aid course provided?
Students complete at different times. The first aid certificate is only valid for three years. This avoids there being “wasted” months on a certificate if you don’t complete straight away. It is best to find one locally when you have passed so you get the full three years. They usually cost around £70-£100.

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